Things You Can Do To Stay Safe And Healthy During Rainy Season

Things You Can Do To Stay Safe And Healthy During Rainy Season

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Rainy days can be fun and relaxing if you have the option to stay at home all the time, work from your laptop, read a book or binge-watch on Netflix, and sip coffee while staring out your window watching the rain when you don’t feel like doing anything. But for those who can’t and have to be out and about the rainy season not only mean possibly catching a cold and getting a fever but it may lead to accidents and injuries like head injury due to slippery roads and walkways too. 

It would have been great if we can stay at home during this season, but with work, school, and errands that sure won’t be possible for some. So here are some tips to help you stay injury-free and healthy if you have to head out in this wet condition.

Make Your Car Rainy Season Ready

Singing in the rain may be fun but driving isn’t. Whether you’re a skilled driver or a newbie, it can still be nerve-wracking, especially knowing that there are on average more than 950,000 automobile crashes each year due to wet pavement. But you don’t always have to fear driving in a downpour because there are ways to remain safe on the road even when it’s raining.

Your car’s tires are the ones that directly get in contact with the wet road when it’s raining. So always make sure that they’re properly inflated and that they aren’t worn out. These will ensure that they would provide traction to avoid hydroplaning on wet roads.  Wipers help you give a clear vision on the road by wiping the water off your windshield. Standard is that you replace them twice a year to be certain that you’re always driving with wipers in good condition. Rain can make it difficult for oncoming traffic to see you, so always keep your headlights on, even if it’s the middle of the day. At night, you may not want to use your high beam lights. The high beams are so bright that they can reflect off of the rain and actually lessen your visibility. Your traction and stopping when you step on the brakes are not in their best when raining. To avoid losing control of your car better go slow and keep plenty of distance between you and the car in front of you. This should give you plenty of room to brake and stop whenever you need to.

Make Sure You’re Wearing Slippery Road-Friendly Shoes

We can’t help the roads getting wet and slippery. But you can do something about slipping. There are shoes that provide better traction, like gym shoes, trail shoes, or boots that can help you walk better even if it’s slippery. Even so, it will also help if you avoid grass or surfaces, if possible, which are obviously slippery.

Slow Down

Unless you’re rushing to the hospital or something as urgent, you might want to walk or drive a bit slower. Speeding up when the road is wet simply increases your chances of skidding off which may lead to accidents and injury.

Eat Foods That Helps Warm Up Your Body

Even if you don’t live in a country with winter season, you’ll still notice that the days are starting to feel a little colder around the rainy days. When this happens, aside from bringing out your jackets, your body also starts craving for different foods. This is because you unconsciously start wanting anything that warms up the body’s core temperature a little, something that is rather important in terms of general well-being, especially when it comes to physical activity, as muscles work far better when they are warm. Example of these foods would be oatmeal with cinnamon and walnuts, homemade chili, turkey and cheese melt, and hot chocolate or tea.

Sanitize Your Working Space

What’s one thing that almost always happen to employees once rainy days starts? They get sick one by one! That’s because the first one to catch a cold absentmindedly sneezes and coughs around the office which spreads the bacteria around. People get infected with a cold if they touched their nose, eyes, or mouth after touching surfaces where a lot of people comes in contact with. So make sure to do a wipe down a lot or at least once a week. If you’ve been out where you just can’t avoid touching things like door handles, subway pole or shopping carts, try to clean your hands with anti-bacterial wipes if you can’t wash your hands right away.

Book A Massage

If you already caught a cold, try to recover as fast as you can by indulging in a massage. Allergies are annoying, you feel itchy all the time, the sneezing never stops, and even with antihistamine that you can take on easy access you know that it will come back as annoying as ever. If you’re tired of all that and you hate pills, try getting a massage. Massage Therapy in relation to allergies is the different trigger points that can help relax tension in the body and reduce the body’s panic reaction to allergic reactions. It also can soothe muscles that are tight from coughing and sneezing, giving you relief from allergy-related pain.

Try Chiropractic Care

While you take all the precautions, sometimes you just can’t stop accidents. When this happens and whether you suffer from serious or minor injury, it would be best to consult with a health care provider. Or specialists like a chiropractor who specializes in musculoskeletal disorders.  Aside from that, you can also use chiropractic care as immune system booster during this cold and cough-prone days. A chiropractor can strengthen your immune system by manipulating the joints and tissue which can restore the body’s alignment and re-open essential pathways between the brain and spine. This is because misalignment in the spine, especially in the upper cervical point, may compromise immunity and amplify allergic symptoms.


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