Knee and Ankle Pain

What Causes Knee Pain?

Knee pain may be temporary, but can also be a long-term problem if left unattended.

It can be caused by osteoarthritis - which is the degeneration and destruction of the knee joint.

Tendinitis, pain in the front of the knee, can also be a cause of knee pain when climbing up stairs or walking up an incline.

Bursitis, which refers to inflammation caused by repeated overuse or injury of the knee, can also bring about severe pain.


Symptoms of Knee Pain

Symptoms of knee pain vary depending on the severity of the condition you may have and these can include:

constant ache

Constant ache

sharp, penetrating pain

Sharp, penetrating pain

burning sensation

Burning sensation

What Causes Ankle Pain?

Most ankle sprains are lateral sprains, which occur when your foot rolls, causing your outside ankle to twist toward the ground. This action stretches or rips the ligaments.

A sprained ankle often swells and bruises for about 7 to 14 days. However, it may take a few months for a severe injury to heal fully.

The pain can also stem from arthritis - in which the joint that connects the ankle to the leg is damaged or worn out. In extreme cases, nerve damage or injury may be the culprit of persistent ankle pain.

Symptoms of Ankle Pain

Symptoms of ankle pain vary depending on the severity of the condition you may have and these can include:

walking with a limp

Walking with a limp

sports and accident related injuries






How can Chiropractic help?

Diagnose the right condition for a personalised treatment

Our chiropractors will assess the cause and severity of your knee pain or ankle pain with a physical assessment during the consultation. In addition to the physical exam, we'll look into your past medical history and any recent X-ray results available to pinpoint the cause of the pain. Determining the source of the pain is essential to recommend the right method of treatment and rehabilitation. Treatment will be customised to your condition and these options can include:


Chiropractic Adjustments

To improve overall functionality and alleviate the stress on your system.


Active Release Therapy

Usually applied for patients with chronic pain issues to treat the soft injury tissue by breaking the adhesions in muscles.

Chiropractic Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy

Using an isolated finger pressure to “deactivate” the trigger points and alleviate the pain.

Myofascial Therapy Chiropractic

Myofascial Release

Relaxes contracted muscles and releases the fascia that covers the muscle.

Providing long-term care as your healthcare partner

explain chirorapratic

Whole-Body Treatment Approach

Our chiropractors adopt a whole-body treatment approach to evaluate your pain areas as a whole because other regions of the neck (cervical), mid back (thoracic) and low back (lumbar) may be affected as well.  We aim to treat the “whole person,” not just to treat your specific symptoms.


Advice on Posture, Exercises, Diet and Nutrition

In order to treat the root of chronic pains that are recurring over time, our chiropractors seek to understand your lifestyle and work demands so as to provide personalised patient-centric care and advice over a longer time horizon as your healthcare partner.

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