Chiropractic Treatment for Tennis Injuries in Singapore

Chiropractic Treatment for Tennis Injuries in Singapore

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Tennis is a high-impact sport that can cause various injuries to the body. At our chiropractic clinic, we often treat 3 common tennis injuries in Singapore.

Common Tennis Injuries in Singapore

The 3 most common tennis injuries we receive in our clinic are

  1. Tennis elbow
  2. Rotator cuff tendinitis
  3. Ankle sprain injury

Tennis elbow caused by inflammation of the forearm muscles and tendons on the outside or lateral part of the elbow are often caused by overuse, improper technique or gripping the racquet too forcefully.

The same with rotator cuff tendinitis. It has the same type of overuse injury along with poor mechanics and imbalances of the shoulder/scapula area. Being a sport that involves a lot of side-to-side movements, spraining the lateral part of the ankle is quite a common injury from the quick and sometimes forceful changes in direction.

We encourage a lot of sports athletes to get regularly checked for injuries or imbalances that can predispose to an injury. Chiropractic adjustments help keep the body functioning optimally with a spine that is free from restrictions and reducing the body from any potential and unsuspecting injuries.

With the above injuries we use soft tissue therapy and electrotherapy modalities such as shockwave, ultrasound or TENS therapy to help aid the recovery process and get the athlete back playing sports in a shorter timeframe. Most of our athletes come in once every 2-3 weeks due to the extra stress they place on their bodies. At times they come in weekly when it is competition season and they are training intensely.

If you are a tennis player and suffer the above injuries please come down and get it treated properly. We will be more than happy to keep you playing tennis longer and injury free.

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