What You May Not Know About Scoliosis

What You May Not Know About Scoliosis

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All people often know about those who are suffering from scoliosis is that they have to deal with restrictive braces or dangerous surgeries in order to treat the condition. What many people don’t realize is that it’s not actually all that. There’s a lot more to the condition that we may not even be aware of unless you know someone with this condition or you have it yourself. Even then, you’ll soon realize that the two specific details mentioned about it is hardly ever the case. Often times braces or surgery don’t really help eliminate the pain nor solve the problem. But a study has shown that after completion of multimodal chiropractic rehabilitation treatment 28 scoliosis patients reported improvement not just with pain but as well as Cobb angle and disability. If you want to know more, dig in!

Majority Of Scoliosis Cases Have Unknown Causes

The most common type of scoliosis is called idiopathic scoliosis which is one that is often diagnosed in children and teenagers. Usually, when individuals in this age brackets are diagnosed with scoliosis, people assume that a heavy backpack or slouching all the time is the culprit. The thing is, that’s not actually true because this type of scoliosis has no known cause or prevention method.

While that’s the case, it should also be taken note that carrying too heavy bag or using one shoulder to carry it is actually making the back pain that comes with scoliosis get worse. So while they’re not causing the condition, it’s also not advisable that you let patients to continue carrying a heavy backpack or practicing bad posture because it may aggravate the condition and the pain.

It is because carrying the bag in one shoulder or being in poor posture for extended period of time will require for the spine to compensate so that the carrying shoulder won’t drop or to support the rest of the body. While a very heavy backpack, though carried by both shoulders, can make you lean forward since the weight is pulling you back. These positions result in unnatural compression/contortion of the spine.

It Can Be Hereditary

It sucks but this condition do get passed on within the family. If your mom or dad have it, there’s a huge chance you may develop it too. But even if they don’t, as long as someone in your family tree have it, the possibility of you developing it is there. That family member or relative doesn’t even have to have it bad, even mild cases that hasn’t even been diagnosed puts you in the radar of probability. And if you’re lucky you might actually be the first within the family to develop and pass that genes on to your future children or grandchildren.

Early Diagnosis Is Key

Diseases do not distinguish age or gender. So do not think you can’t develop certain disease or injury just because it only happens to a certain age bracket or gender. So before you and the any of your family get ambushed better be more proactive when it comes to your family’s health. Getting the right health services, tests and lifestyle changes as early as now, you are taking steps that improve your family’s chances for living a longer, healthier life.

If you live with young children or have a child, looking out for early signs such as back pain complains, uneven shoulders or hips helps detect scoliosis early on. This way, you can have it checked by a doctor or chiropractor right away to prevent the curvature from progressing as the child grows rapidly.

Surgery May Not Even Be Necessary

As mentioned above, scoliosis don’t always involve surgery. Usually, patients with greater than 45 degrees curvature are the ones recommended for surgery. But for cases that are diagnosed early, especially for children, that won’t be necessary as there are alternative ways to manage the pain or other symptoms and keep the curve from getting worse like chiropractic adjustments, traction treatments, massage, electrostimulation, and physical therapy.

Even adults with degenerative scoliosis can usually find the pain relief they seek from non-invasive therapies. Unlike scoliosis treatment for children, treating degenerative scoliosis is more about relieving symptoms than fixing the spinal curvature, which makes surgery even less likely.

The Location And Extent Of Spinal Curvature Doesn’t Predict Your Symptoms

What may surprise you even more about this condition is that how the symptoms appear can vary from patient to patient, regardless of the location and extent of the curvature. There are instances where those with severe spinal curve experiences very few symptoms. While others with relatively mild cases will complain back pain, numbness and tingling in the legs.

The spine is a complex system, and a combination of problems can hide beneath the guise of scoliosis, all the while causing more symptoms than you might expect. This is why it’s always best to consult a professional regarding your condition and symptoms in order to treat them accordingly.

It Has Been Proven That Quitting Smoking Helps With This Condition

Did you know that smoking is the leading preventable cause of back and neck problems? I know, that must have sounded out of place for you. Smoking is often associated with lung-related conditions, so how in the world is it connected with scoliosis which is a musculoskeletal condition? Well, smoking actually reduces blood flow, meaning blood flow to the discs is less. The same problem affects wound healing after surgery, not to mention that it also inhibits bone healing. So if you have scoliosis that you are trying to manage or prevent progression of the curve, smoking is working against your effort.

Smoking shortens your lifespan. If that’s not reason enough for you to quit I don’t know what is. But aside from that you might also be inflicting secondhand smoke to other people which is more lethal than inhaling smoke directly from a cigar. What’s the use of you installing an air purifier at home to breathe clean air if you’re still going to continue puffing that cigarette?

Now that you know more about this condition. Time to consult your doctor and see if your back pain or your child’s back pain is due to scoliosis. If that turned out positive, one of the treatments that may be suggested to you is chiropractic care since this method is not only scientifically proven to improve abnormal curvature, it also improves overall health and relieve symptoms. Chiropractic care holistic approach to wellness that is non-invasive and drug-free which specializes in musculoskeletal issues can help you with a lot more than ease back pain. It is known to help improve sports performance, alleviate headache, stimulate immune system, helps make pregnancy as comfortable as possible, normalize blood pressure, prevent progression of scoliosis, and treat sciatica and more.

Combine that with massage therapies that have been proven to be an effective pain management method over the years and your condition will improve more that any pill can do. Aside from that, it’s best to work with your primary care physician, neurologist, or a specialist for your condition. With some trial and error, you may find a treatment that finally relieves your pain. This is especially if your pain and other symptoms tend to be debilitating and are affecting your day to day living.

Most patients try different therapies as a last resort when treatments from their doctors as well as prescription medication aren’t doing it for them. While some practically just wanna see what the hype is about. So whether you’ve been dealing with health conditions or are simply curious about it, maybe it’s time to consider incorporating them into your treatment.

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