Ways to Reduce Pain by Sleeping Right

Ways to Reduce Pain by Sleeping Right

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Sleeping right don’t just mean completing certain hours of shut eye, it also involves the right mattress, proper height of pillows for your sleeping position (to avoid back pain and neck pain), and right snooze time to ensure the quality of your sleep.

On that note, we have chiropractors which provide some procedures to relieve pain by correcting subluxation or misalignments in the spine causing discomforts and sleep problems plus gives treatment recommendations for your sleep disorders.

The below list can make a big difference in achieving a better sleep.


  • Generally, you should invest a mattress that are firm enough to stop you from sinking into it, but is also soft enough so your hips and shoulder can sink slightly when you sleep on your side.
  • If you’re on the heavier side, look for firmer mattress that can hold you. But if you’re small and lighter a softer one is advisable.
  • There are mattresses in the market with different levels of support on either side. This is for those people who sleep with another person who is a different size and weight to them.
  • It doesn’t matter if you choose pocket sprung, memory foam, latex etc. as long as it benefits your size and weight.
  • If you see the term ‘orthopedic’ on a mattress it just means it’s extra firmer. Not exactly assessed or recommended by a professional.
  • You should start looking for a new mattress if the one you’re currently using has been with you for more than 10 years already. Moreover, if you can see a dip in the middle, as well as visible uneven, floppy or lumpy or has protruding springs it’s time to replace it. Aside from those, if you start feeling sore and stiff in the back, neck, or hips when you wake up, that’s the time your body telling you to ditch that bed.


  • Choosing the number of your pillows depends on your sleeping position.
  • When sleeping, your head and neck should be aligned with your spine which is why the height of your pillow is vital.
  • Side-sleepers need two pillows with a more flexible and softer top pillow. This will give the height and comfort to your head, neck, and body. However, back sleeper is good with only one pillow. Stomach sleepers; require a one thin and flat pillow so the neck doesn’t get strained but as much as possible this position should be avoided since it’s not really good for neck and back pain sufferers.

Sleeping Position


  • This position needs two pillows with soft top pillow over a firm one if you have neck pain.
  • For lower back or hip pain sufferers, a pillow between your knees or a thin one under your waist is advisable.
  • People with shoulder pain who sleep in this position should lie on their good side, and then put a pillow in front to support the other side. It also prolongs the healing process of the bad shoulder if you sleep with one arm above your head.


  • The pillows shouldn’t bend the head and neck forward to ease neck pain.
  • Individuals with back or hip pain need a pillow under their knees, or a thin one in the small of their back.
  • This position calls for a small flat pillow lengthways under the affected arm and shoulder if you suffer from shoulder pain.


  • This position is not recommended at all since it strains the neck and upper back.
  • Sleeping with one knee bent up with a flat pillow under your head and neck can help if you have neck pain.
  • Lower back or hip pain sufferers find this position comfortable sometimes, but it’s not good for you in long terms.
  • It lessens the strain on the lower back by putting a flat pillow under your stomach.
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