Top 6 Lumbar Supports That You Should Try For Your Back Problem

Top 6 Lumbar Supports That You Should Try For Your Back Problem

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Sitting for an extended period of time is not good for your back and your health; however, it has become unavoidable nowadays due to the rising popularity of desk-bound jobs.  In that case, what you can do is find a way to make sitting less torturous for your body. Using a back support definitely is a good option, just remember that there are a lot of lumbar support in the market so you have to choose the type that fits your needs well. Here are some of them that you may find suitable for you.

1. Duro-Med Relax-a-Bac

If you’re the type of person who works anywhere, may it be on the kitchen table, on your bed, or at the park as long as you have your laptop, a chair and a table, then you better get this lumbar support. Why? Because it’s very convenient that you can basically use this anywhere! So you wouldn’t have to worry about it not fitting on the chair you’re currently on.

2. Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll

This one is perfect as it conforms to the shape of your back. It also great at keeping your dry and cool because of its moisture wicking fabric which makes it great for long drives or those who work sitting majority of the day. But if you have spinal stenosis or spondylolisthesis it may not be for you since some people who have tried it respond well to it.

3. Angel Sales PosturePro Lumbar Support

Not only that this is one of the most affordable back supports but it’s also one of the most recognizable. Unlike the first two back supports, this one is not compact which may make it difficult to travel with. But then if you’re only planning to buy it for your working chair, it does the job well. It resembles the shape of an ergonomic chair and the material is very breathable so there’s no doubt this can make long hours of sitting a little more comfortable.

4. Fellowes Professional Series Back Support

Built with memory foam that conforms to the natural shape of your back, it also comes in a triangular shape which gives complete support from the mid spine to the lower spine, and its Tri-Tachment system allows you to adjust and secure the support in the exact position that’s right for you. But despite the amazing features of this lumbar support, you have to consider the fact that it’s not as transportable, easy to clean, and affordable. So if you travel all the time or are in a budget, those are the things that you should keep in mind.

5. Lumbar Cushion

With its simple name, you’d assume there’s not much this cushion can do for you. However, you’d be surprised how comfortable it can be to use. Its foam is soft which helps provide the comfort you need but it’s also firm enough to keep your spine aligned properly and prevent strain and pain in your lower back.

6. Bucky Baxter Lumbar Support Pillow

We all know that different people have different bodies, hence the different back problems and back shapes. If you ever felt like your back is too typical and common back support won’t fit you well, think again! Because Bucky Baxter Lumbar Support Pillow is the “back support that hits the spot”, it is firm so you don’t sink into it but it molds into your back so it stabilizes a spot in your back that needs it the most. Aside from that, if you’d rather not use foam or synthetic fillings, this is the one for you.

Despite the advantages that these lumbar supports offer, you’d do well to keep in mind that sitting less and moving more is still the best for your body. So do not rely on them too much. They simply provide support, not solution for your back problems. So the best thing to do is still find ways to incorporate more movement into your daily routine, do not forget proper nutrition, and continue being proactive when it comes to your back health. Seek a professional like that can help improve your condition so that it doesn’t get worse over time from all the sitting that you do.

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