Top 5 Chiropractic Care Techniques That Will Help Eliminate Neck

Top 5 Chiropractic Care Techniques That Will Help Eliminate Neck And Back Pain

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Chiropractic care is an alternative treatment that doesn’t involve medication or any invasive procedure. But it doesn’t just provide temporary pain relief, actually, chiropractors finds the root of the pain which is often a misalignment and then goes on to correct that. Here are the five techniques that chiropractors may use which focuses on eliminating what’s hindering your body’s innate ability to heal itself.

1. Gonstead Technique

This technique allows the chiropractor to pinpoint the precise location of the misalignment. They also get a detailed analysis of your spinal x-rays in order to execute the accurate adjustment for you. It’s so safe and meticulous that it can be applied to even delicate children, pregnant women, and elderly.

2. Diversified Technique

This is the most known technique to chiropractors because it often comes with that loud popping sound. The chiropractor does it by having the patient lie on a table or use a block to provide resistance, then he uses a sudden but controlled thrust of the hand to snap a vertebra back into alignment which helps restore a joint or improve neurologic function.  For those who are suffering from back or neck pain, this really gives instant pain relief.

3. Applied Kinesiology

Since this is a form of sports therapy, this is commonly applied to injured athletes. Since sports can be very rigorous, misaligned bones and tensed muscles are common. Applied kinesiology focuses not only on correcting subluxations but also in balancing opposing muscles attached to misaligned bones and restoring normal muscle function. The chiropractor does this by testing the muscles first to see where the problem area is and then proceeds to applying the most suitable adjustment or treatment for the injured patient.

4. Logan Basic Technique

This is a safe and effective form of physical rehabilitation that can help alleviate headache and lower back pain. This method releases the tension and restores the balance by applying gentle sustained pressure at the base of the spine which realigns the rest of the bones in the spine.

5. Self Chiropractic

Although it’s never a good idea to attempt spinal adjustments on your own, you can, however, do other chiropractic techniques to relieve pain. Applying cold compress helps with the swelling, while warm compress alleviate pain. Aside from those, doing some stretching or yoga reduces tightness and increases flexibility. All of these are chiropractic techniques that you can do at home when you’re in pain or days in between your next chiropractic appointment.

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