Top 5 Alternative Treatments That You May Find Helpful For Your Neck Pain

Top 5 Alternative Treatments That You May Find Helpful For Your Neck Pain

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Sedentary lifestyle, jobs that involve repetitive motion, car accident, mobile phone addiction, and wear and tear can all lead to chronic neck pain. While the root causes of your pain may dictate the suitable treatment for you, there are alternative treatments that you can use either to manage the pain or as a complementary treatment to speed up recovery. Just remember that before you try any of these, consult your primary healthcare provider first. While these treatments are proven effective, there are instances where it may cause adverse effects when combined with other forms of treatments.

1.    Acupuncture

In acupuncture, pain is relieved through the production of the body’s natural painkillers, which is stimulated by the needling of corresponding meridians on the body. Acupuncture also encourages the release of Serotonin, which helps to regulate the mood, moderate sleeping cycles, and can relax tense muscles. As a result, acupuncture improves the chemical, nervous, and neurological processes in your body which is why it’s great for pain management.

2.   Herbal Remedies

Capsaicin Cream

This is a topical cream that you apply to the neck area that can relieve muscle or joint pain. Though it works, you may have to keep reapplying because the effect is temporary. Though, compared to oral pain medication, you’re better off with a cream that offers the same temporary relieve but won’t affect your liver in the long run. Just know that this is the active ingredient in chili peppers that make them hot, so expect heat sensation when applied.

Devil’s Claw

This comes from southern Africa, where it has been used for centuries to treat fever, arthritis, and gastrointestinal problems. Today, it’s used for conditions that cause inflammation and pain, like cervical osteoarthritis.

White Willow Bark

Does aspirin irritate your stomach? Here’s a natural version of aspirin. It’s for a condition that causes pain and inflammation. In fact, white willow bark led to the development of aspirin in Europe so you’re guaranteed to get the same effect minus other synthetic ingredients that come with aspirins.

3.   Massage

This helps to relax muscles, loosen up tight tissue, increase blood flow and even increase the production of painkilling, calming chemicals, such as endorphins. So getting a regular massage session can definitely help with your neck pain since this kind of pain is often due to stress, overuse, and misuse of muscles.

4.   Yoga And Pilates

Yoga and Pilates help align and lengthen the spine, as well as strengthen your core. As a result, the pressure on the nerve around the neck area is likely to come off. But you should consult your doctor first because the cause and severity of your neck pain will determine if this approach will help your condition or make it worst.

5.   Chiropractic Care

This helps maintain proper alignment of your spine in order to prevent neck pain and abnormal neck curvature from developing. Aside from that, a regular visit to your chiropractor is great for early detection so that it doesn’t get worse. Expect posture improvement and nutritional advice, aside from spinal manipulations.

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