Suyi Choo


Hi there!

My name is Suyi.

A Penang girl at heart, I picked up Chiropractic when my dad could not find any solutions for his chronic low back pain. In search for cures and solutions, he went to many doctors but to no avail. He then found a Chiropractor and started getting better. I had my first adjustment in year 1997 as my parents believed that ‘Prevention is Better than Cure’. This then inspired me to look at Chiropractic as a career.

My alma mater, (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, RMIT AUS) provided me with ample training. However, it is the journey & experience over the last 17 years that have been a teacher to me. Being a Chiropractor, I am fiercely committed to assist one reach their optimal health and wellbeing.  For us at Family Chiropractic, it is a continuous research on how Chiropractic and alternative therapy can help one get their Health & Wellness back on track.

My specialties are mainly in:

  • Trigger Point Therapy (for muscular strains and spasms)
  • Active Release Technique (ART)
  • Headaches, Migraines and Neck Pain
  • Children & General Chiropractic
  • Sport Injuries

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