Tips To Maintain Your Health Despite Having Unconventional Work Schedule

Tips To Maintain Your Health Despite Having Unconventional Work Schedule

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People with fix work schedule still find it hard to exercise, how much more difficult do you think it is for those with unique everyday schedule? Freelancers or those with home-based jobs sure have more flexible time, but the thing is that their day to day working hours can vary which is why it can be challenging to plan their day in advance. Because of this, setting aside time to work out or prepare healthy meals can be tricky too.

But this doesn’t have to be the case! If you develop these habits, the nature of your work won’t be able to sabotage your health.

  • Have A Separate Room For Work

One of the most challenging things about working from home is that it’s easy to get too comfortable. This results to procrastination. One way to avoid this is by having a separate space for work. This then keeps you from using your kitchen counter, bed, or couch as your ‘office’ and letting household chores interfere with work and vice versa.

  • Make Your Workspace Inviting

Office cubicles tend to be stressful because you’re confined to a tiny space with little to no sunlight and bland décor. The best thing about home-based jobs is that you get to call the shots when it comes to your surrounding! So use that to your advantage. Decorate your workspace in whatever way that makes you more productive, relaxed and happy while working.

  • Invest In An Ergonomic Chair

Since you’re more comfortable working at home, expect to stay seated longer than you usually would be in an office. Avoid back, neck, and shoulder pain by using an ergonomic chair that will keep your body aligned all day.

  • Get Up At Least Every Hour

Sitting for an extended period of time is bad for you even if you’re using an ergonomic chair. You still have to get up at least every hour. Set a timer to remind yourself and use that time to do what you need to around the house.

  • Schedule Your Workout

Since you’re at home majority of the time, it’s easy to slack off with your workout. Schedule them in your most convenient time just like how you schedule your meetings. This way you’re more likely to stick with them.

  • Maintain A Healthy Life-Work Balance

Working from home can mess with your life-work boundaries since you’re doing both in one place. Prevent this from happening by sticking to your work schedule; do not work when it’s not the time for you to work. Also, do not work on weekends. Setting limitations on work, house tasks, and personal time allows you to enjoy those without feeling like you have to catch up on any of them.

  • Prep In The Morning Like How You Would When Going To The Office

Home-based jobs mean flexible time right? While that’s true, starting work way past noon is a surefire way to stay working late too. Getting ready in the morning, as if you’re going to the office, tricks your brain into work-mode right off the bat. This way you won’t feel sluggish throughout the day trying to finish work.

  • Find A Way To Stay Socially Connected

It may be tempting to just keep to yourself when you have worked at home but that won’t be healthy mentally and emotionally. You still need people in your life. Join online forums, use weekends to meet with friends, or simply stay connected through social media.

  • Make Sure Your Kitchen Is Packed With Healthy Snacks And Meal

Instead of reaching for junk foods or ordering fast food when you get hungry, make a conscious decision to choose healthy snacks and nutritious foods. How? Stock up on fruits, nuts, vegetables, lean meat, and whole grains so you can make your own food once your stomach complains.

  • Have A Schedule And Stick To It

Work is work and play is play. Plan your daily schedule and stick to that. Do not allow yourself to work when it’s clearly time to rest or do something else. Even when you don’t have a typical 9-5 job, having a schedule to follow is a good way to maintain a quality living.

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