Things That You Can Do To Keep Your Back Healthy

Things That You Can Do To Keep Your Back Healthy

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It’s surprising that maintaining a healthy back is so effortless and yet a lot of people suffer from a bad one. Keep these tips in mind; it’s never too late to achieve a strong spine.

1. Stay Active

There’s really no going around with this one, but when it comes to your spine’s health all you need to do is maintain a non-strenuous activity, like walking. Just keep moving.

2. Eat Healthy Diet

The body needs nutrients in order to repair itself and stay strong. So it’s important to feed yourself organic and refined food, plus eight glasses of pure water every day.

3. Mind Your Posture All The Time

Yes, we’re all told about this all the time. Do you know why? Because it works! It may not be evident right now but if you keep slouching, you will stay in that form in the long run.

4. Get Used To Sleeping On Your Back Or Side

Sleeping on your stomach is a big no-no, it twists your neck!

5. Invest In Good Chair, Pillow, Mattress

Since we spend a lot of time sitting and around 7 hours sleeping, why not invest in things we use doing, those that will make us comfortable? Aside from that, it will also diminish the chances of affecting our back in a bad way.

6. Stretching Is A Must Before And After Sports

Just do it. It will only take minutes but will definitely help your body be more prepared for the game.

7. Interrupt Sitting

Stretch, get water from across the room, walk in place, anything as long as you take a break from every hour of sitting. If you stay seated for extended period of time, your back will feel sore all the time.

8. Use Your Hands When Talking On The Phone

Cradling the phone between your neck and shoulder every time you need to make or take a call will soon lead to chronic neck pain.

9. Don’t Carry Heavy Backpacks

Carry it over on both shoulders to even out the load, if it’s still too heavy check your bag for things that you don’t really need and take it out. Heavy backpacks forces you to lean forward in order to keep the weight from pulling you back, which puts a lot of stress on the spine.

10. See Your Chiropractor Regularly

A regular appointed to your chiropractor will allow early detection of subluxations that could result in serious musculoskeletal conditions. This prevents a problem before it even develops.

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