The Rise Of Text Neck And How Chiropractic Care Can Help

The Rise Of Text Neck And How Chiropractic Care Can Help

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Text neck is the new, real, and serious condition that is becoming more and more common these days. While it may seem like a made up ailment to deter kids from their gadgets, sadly you have to realize that ignoring the signs of this condition could lead to disc herniation, pinched nerves, and an alarming straight spine that doesn’t have the important and natural curve.

Reason Why Text Neck Happens

• A recent study shows that 79% of the population between the ages 18 and 44 have their cell phones with them almost all the time—which is why this ailment have become a commonplace.

• People rely on their phone for everything not just social media. Reading news, reading e-book, checking email, online shopping, playing games, and so much more.

Not observing proper posture whether when sitting or standing. Often times, when people get bored being in one position for a long time they tend to slouch and tilt their heads forward.

• Activities like driving or working on a desk also makes a person tilt his head in an unnatural position for a long time.


• Upper back pain ranging from a chronic, nagging pain to sharp, severe upper back muscle spasms.

• Shoulder pain and tightness, possibly resulting in painful shoulder muscle spasm.

• If a cervical nerve becomes pinched, pain and possibly neurological symptoms can radiate down your arm and into your hand.

5 Ways It Can Be Treated

1. Work On Improving Your Spine’s Condition

If your spine is strong and healthy, it’s less likely to develop such condition. In order to do this, you have to get enough exercise that targets your abdominal and lower back muscles. Strong core muscles support your upper body including your neck.

2. Seek Regular Chiropractic Care

This helps maintain proper alignment of your spine in order to prevent text neck from developing. Aside from that, regular visit to your chiropractor is great for early detection so that it doesn’t get worst. Expect posture improvement and nutritional advices, aside from spinal manipulations.

3. Hold Your Gadget At Eye Level

This then keeps you from having to bend your head forward.

4. Take Frequent Break From Using Your Gadget Or Computer

If you have to be on your phone or computer all day due to work or for whatever reason, you should at least take breaks throughout the day. This at least gives your neck a break from the pressure of being bent forward all day long.

5. Make Sure Your Workstation Is Ergonomic Friendly

Another great way to combat and prevent text neck is to arrange an ergonomic-friendly work station. Since you spend majority of your time in there, you should at least make it comfortable for your body.

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