Summer Activities That Could Lead To Injury And How To Avoid Them2

Summer Activities That Could Lead To Injury And How To Avoid Them

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Summer is often associated with vacation and beach getaways but it’s also the time to pursue whatever hobby or activity you like that you usually can’t do on normal days. It’s like your window to try anything you want before you go on autopilot mode for your daily routine for the rest of the year. Because of this, people like to go all out since this window time is limited, only to end up injured or really stressed afterward. If you’re like most people who are eager to jump into an activity you look forward once the summer rolls around, you definitely can relate to this.

Getting Into An Intense Workout Regimen To Achieve That Summer Bod

The summer season is no doubt all about beach getaways. It’s not complete without going to at least one beach destination to cross off your bucket list. This is usually the main reason people suddenly bury themselves at the gym to workout in order to look good in their swimsuits. However, diving into an intense fitness program when your daily living usually happens on the chair is not a good idea. You could injure your joints as well as your muscles by doing this. Instead, why don’t you ease into it? Start slowly or with lighter weights and then build up from there as your body gets the hang of it. Don’t forget to warm up properly every time you work out and know the proper equipment to use and how to use them right and you should be fine.

Outdoor Home Repairs

For those who don’t like to go out that much, summer is usually when they plan on accomplishing a major house project. Whether it’s repainting the outside of your home or redoing the garden landscape, accidents happen and you get injured, especially if you’re not very familiar or skilled with the work you’re attempting to do. To avoid that, don’t overexert yourself. Slipped or even ruptured discs, overstretched ligaments, and nasty muscle cramps usually happen when you force yourself to continue working even if you’re already tired. It’s important that you learn how to lift properly too since house projects usually come with a lot of lifting. Lastly, know how to use equipment properly so that mistakes can be avoided and you don’t end up redoing the work.

Long Road Trips

Sitting for a long time while during long road trips is fun and all but is also torture for your back.  It’s almost the same as being propped on a chair all day while working in front of your computer. Shrugging your shoulders when you’re stopped at a red light and putting a lumbar support in between the small of your back and the seat helps lessen the tension. Aside from that, getting adjusting on a regular basis is also important to keep your spine health. This provides pain relief, detects possible musculoskeletal issues, and treats corrects misalignments to prevent such issues from further developing.

Gardening And Lawn Works

Gardening has numerous health benefits, but protecting your back is not one of them.  While digging, make sure to keep your spine in alignment, and avoid twisting when shoveling dirt. During extended weeding sessions, sit on a bucket or stool, leaning forward with your spine in alignment, rather than hunching over.  Get help lifting heavy bags of soil, and be sure to bend at the hips and knees, not at the waist.

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