Reasons To Exercise Proper Posture All The Time

Reasons To Exercise Proper Posture All The Time

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Do you ever wonder why parents or grandparents nag about standing or sitting properly? Most of the time you just brush it off or get irritated because you don’t realize the good in that advice. But once you learn all of its benefits, you’d surely be passing the same wisdom once you have kids of your own.

  • It Makes You Look More Powerful

Ever been advised to stand tall before a presentation or anything where you need to look more authoritative? That’s because slouching makes you look weak. You won’t see a president of a country or a CEO of a company slouch when they walk, sit, or stand.

  • It Prevents You From Getting Back Pains

Slouching strains the muscles and puts unnecessary stress to the spine. That’s because it throws off the spine’s natural curve as well as the body’s center of gravity. This then results to back pains. So observing workplace ergonomics really helps.

  • You Appear More Confident And Better Looking

Wonder why every interview tips out there not only talks about the right way to answer questions but also the right way to present yourself, like sitting or standing upright? That’s because your body language can say a lot about you, it can make you look insecure, uninterested, or unprepared just by how you sit, walk, or stand.

  • You Build A Stronger Core

Notice how you engage your core when you’re sitting or standing straight? Just like when you do certain workouts right? Since your core muscles are basically working while you do that, it appears flatter and toner.

  • It Helps You Breathe Better

The stomach in chest out position allows your airways to open up, therefore making it easier for you to inhale and exhale. When you can breathe more freely, more oxygen also flows through your cardiopulmonary system which supplies sufficient oxygen to your entire body.

  • It Boosts Your Mood

When you feel blue isn’t you walk slower with drooping shoulders, and head looking down? Slumping throughout the day makes your brain trigger the same cloudy emotions. So by always being upright and dynamic you feel more energetic, happier, and positive.

  • It Builds Your Resilience To Stress

Considering that bad posture stresses the spine and the muscles, it’s safe to say that you also become stressed out. Reduce physical stress by not giving in to your body when you feel like slumping or slouching. Instead, you should practice good posture so that you become less prone to stress.

  • It Makes You More Productive

Remember what is mentioned about slouching making you feel down? That also affects your performance at work. When you’re basically not in the mood, it’s hard to be at your best because you feel tired, lazy, and out of focus all at the same time. By simply sitting upright, you become more alert, thus helping you concentrate better on the task at hand.

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