How To Prevent Back Pain From Interfering With Your Life

How To Prevent Back Pain From Interfering With Your Life

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Shed the extra pounds. This doesn’t mean that you have to starve yourself and be rail thin. This only suggest that you maintain your ideal weight according to your age and height, because gaining too much weight especially on your mid-section adds pressure on your back.

Quit smoking. If you don’t then good for you but if you do, time to consider quitting because it doesn’t only ruin your lungs, ruin other people’s lungs due to second hand smoke but it also restricts the flow of nutrient-containing blood to spinal disc.

Sleeping position. Sleeping is relaxing but with the wrong position it may actually cause back problems in the long run. If you’re a side sleeper, put a pillow in between your knees. For back sleepers, a pillow beneath the small of your back and knees will support the natural curve of your back. However, for stomach sleeper, though this is highly discouraged by specialist, you may put a pillow under your hips.

Practice proper posture. Good posture has to be constantly practiced for you to benefit from it. If you have to stand in a long period of time, switch resting your feet for at least every 15minutes. If possible use an ergonomic chair but if there’s no available one, you may try using a foot stool to raise your knees higher than your hips and a rolled towel at the small of your back.

Lift right. Bend your knees, keep the object close to your body and stand up to lift the object. This process will prevent any possible injury from lifting, most of the time, the improper way of lifting is the culprit of an injury not the weight of the object.

Limit wearing high heels. Super high heels subjects your feet to unnecessary strain due to unnatural arc. Aside from that, your entire weight that your feet is carrying shifts to your toes which in the long run can strain your back. Stick to two inch shoes if you really must wear heels.

Say no to tight clothes. Especially, skinny jeans. It probably makes you thighs look slimmer but it also makes moving uncomfortable and bending more difficult. This can cause back pain or aggravate an existing back problem if you don’t refrain from wearing them too much.

Don’t sit on your bulging wallet. Seeing your bulging wallet probably feels comforting knowing that you have enough for expenses but your back is probably cursing you for sitting on it. Don’t put your back to unnecessary pain or discomfort and just take out when you’re sitting.

Use the appropriate handbag or briefcase. A messenger bag that evenly distribute the weight on your shoulders is ideal for your back. But if you have to carry a bag with no straps or a briefcase, lessen the strain on one part of your body by switching the bag to the other hand frequently while carrying it.

Don’t put high hopes on back braces. Don’t be swayed by the different types of braces that are sold in the market, while a patient who has a bad case of scoliosis may prevent the curve from increasing by wearing a brace, or someone fresh from a surgery could benefit from its support. Still, it doesn’t exactly treat back pains.

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