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Having Trouble Sleeping At Night? Chiropractic Can Help You With That!

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There are other people losing sleep due to work, while teenagers simply think it’s cool to be up until 4am doing things that doesn’t really matter. While all this is happening, there are some who hits the sack early but just can’t catch the elusive sleep.

Sleep deprivation is being linked to car accidents and work related accidents over the years, not only that it even leads to sleep disorders like insomnia. Conditions such as this shouldn’t be taken lightly especially since it actually affects our ability to function in our everyday activities properly.

Moreover, an individual even develops decrease in bone density and muscle mass, your immune system drops, you’re on constant stress, tends to gain more weight, there’s even a possibility of mental disorder when your “body clock” is always disturbed, according to some studies.

Usually, our initial reaction when we start experiencing this would be to medicate it with sleeping pills. However, relying on pills for too long may damage your liver and show side effects as it doesn’t really treat the root cause of the problem.  Ideally, it would be better to attack this condition naturally and aim for a long term solution like chiropractic care. The spinal adjustment, which is the main treatment used by chiropractor, improves the blood flow in the nervous system, corrects misalignment or subluxation in the spine by applying sudden but controlled force using the hands. As a result, due to the relaxing effect when your body is released from any subluxation that you have, your body functions better and you get to sleep better at night.

Of course, in order to combat insomnia and other sleep issues, you have to put effort in the following to achieve a better shut eye.
• Don’t drink too much coffee.
• Don’t eat anything heavy past 6pm.
• An hour before you sleep, turn the computer or TV off. The artificial light from them is wrecking your sleep.
• Exercise regularly but refrain from working out close to your bedtime.
• Cut back on alcohol
• Invest on firm mattress and pillows to support your spine when laying down.

There are problems that could be affecting your sleep that you may not be aware of like back pain, breathing problems, and restless leg syndrome which chiropractic care can actually treat.

According to most insomnia patients who received chiropractic treatment, they can feel that their sleep has improved greatly through regular adjustments along with their overall health. Not unlike pills that makes them fall asleep at first but the effect wears off eventually when they’ve been on it for some time. Not to mention the risk of side effects overtime.

If you’re one of the growing population of insomnia patients, consult your primary health care provider before taking anything or consult a chiropractor if you want an alternative treatment.

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