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Chiropractic Care Not a Cause of Stroke

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People seek medical attention and help when they feel a stinging pain in their body. Some people seek chiropractic care when they feel back pain or neck pain without really checking the reason they are having certain neck pains. There are certain conditions that need further attention than undergoing chiropractic care alone.

Some neck pain is already a sign of early stages of stroke and not just because of stress or posture problems. There are a lot of reasons why people experience stroke. When a blood vessel tears, it can lead to stroke. This process may but not necessarily caused by neck manipulations or chiropractic treatment. This happens when one of the artery layers has a tear in the artery wall of the neck; it can result to a stroke if a blood clot forms. This can occur when a sudden movement that can rotate the neck happens like sporting activities, violent coughing or if a person undergoes a neck manipulating therapy.

Chiropractors or health care providers sometimes use neck manipulation therapy to treat musculoskeletal conditions for the back and neck. Physical therapists and Osteopaths also use this form of treatment on their patients. People who seek chiropractic care without seeking medical attention first may already be suffering from stroke and mistaken their condition as a simple neck or back pain. It is important for chiropractors or healthcare providers to investigate thoroughly what the patient’s condition is.

Most often than not, people who have neck or back pain seek chiropractic care or cervical manipulation treatment because this is the safest choice without any drug or surgery treatment. Based on studies, cervical manipulation may be one of the reasons that can provoke a cervical dissection. Studies also show that it is fair to say that cervical manipulation may be a potential cause of dissection and patients should know this first before consulting a chiropractor.

In general, stroke symptoms can happen in an instant and sudden. Other symptoms or signs can be numbness of one side of the body, loss in visual, sudden language disturbance or weakness. The most common is headache which is not the usual headache that a person feels. This is a symptom of brain hemorrhage.

This study only shows that although cervical adjustment may be a reason for stroke, it’s not always the case. If one person suffers neck or back pain, it doesn’t mean that one should not pursue chiropractic care. It is the patient’s responsibility to further seek medical attention regarding neck or back pain before pursuing chiropractic care and only go to licensed chiropractors. Chiropractors and healthcare providers should in return should check if their patient is suffering from stroke before starting the cervical adjustment procedure.

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