Why Chiropractors Promote Good Posture?

Why Chiropractors Promote Good Posture?

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Often times, we are not aware of how we sit or stand. Those who don’t pay attention with their posture soon experience back and neck pains. As most of us know, proper posture is essential for good health. So, straighten your spine. Now!

Posture refers to our body’s position when we are standing, sitting, or lying, as how physicians and other spine specialist like chiropractors define it, posture is “the carriage of the body as a whole, the attitude of the body, or the position of the limbs (arms and legs)”. Good posture then is achieved when the spine is aligned not twisted and when the joints are not bent.

spinal cord

A (Posterior view): The spine must seem like it is following a straight line from the cervical to the lumbar spine.

B (Lateral view): The spine has natural curves. Cervical and lumbar spine must have a slight concave curve, whereas, the thoracic and sacral spine must have a gentle convex curve.

Health Benefits of Good Posture

Several muscle groups help us maintain the proper posture like the back muscles and hamstrings. There are also ligaments that connect the whole spine together and postural muscles support the body and maintain the balance when we are in motion.

Good posture improves breathing pattern and blood circulation. It also improves our appearance to a healthier image as the body stance shows confidence and good health. The other health benefits of having a good posture are as follows:

  • Prevent neck and back pain and muscle fatigue
  • Muscles are used efficiently and flexibility is enhance
  • Less strain for the body as the muscles are used effectively
  • Decrease probable injury since there will be a reduced stress on the ligaments, tendons, joints, muscles, and spinal disc.
  • Precludes degenerative bone diseases, joint pains and subluxations.
  • Avert other postural disorder and musculoskeletal dysfunctions
  • Help keeps the bones aligned

Thus, it is important that we are always aware of our posture at work and at home while sitting and standing even lying down. Do the necessary exercise to improve posture to increase muscle flexibility and strength to maintain good health.

Effects of Bad Posture

Other than pain muscles and being prone to injury, it turns out that bad posture do a lot of harm than you know.

  • It shortens your life

People who slouch and sit longer found to have increased risk of developing diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases. An Australian study found out that an hour of slouching in front of the television decreases your life expectancy by 21.8 minutes.

  • Obstruct circulation

Fluids and gases in our body go back and forth. Bad posture obstruct the blood flow to the lower body especially when you are slouching with your legs crossed, this increase pressure and causes spider veins.

  • Impede regularity

Long hours in front of the computer slouching? Not good. Sitting in a crunch position folds the intestine which slows down digestion.

  • Mess up with your mood

A study from Harvard University found that people who often slouch have a decrease cortisol and testosterone levels which suggest low self-confidence and high stress. Cortisol is the hormone that helps to combat stress. People who have poor posture also have a higher risk of having depression.

  • Affects your job

On the working environment, it is important to look polished and confident, slouching makes you look heavier, unhealthy and less impressive. It is always important to leave a good impression and make it mark.

Be more aware of your posture standing, sitting or lying down. Here is a guide to good posture which our resident chiropractor highly recommends for us to exercise:

proper standing position
proper sitting position
proper lying position

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