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Treating Neck Pain with Physical Therapy and other Alternatives

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People who suffer from cervical disc disease think that simple home remedies are enough to lessen the neck pain. Some seek the help of a physical therapist while others go to chiropractic clinic. However, many people opt to try various exercises as well as manipulations given by health care providers. These exercises are known to relieve discomfort being their movement into normal.

Most patients suffering from neck pain visit a physical therapist. What does a physical therapist do? When you visit a physical therapist, you will be evaluated first and then examination will follow to assess the movement of your neck. As a patient, you should discuss the symptoms such a pain in the neck, pain that spreads out to the fingers, or numbness in the arm or shoulder to your physical therapist.

chiropractors singapore
Follow the Right Stretching

To relieve stiffness and bring back the normal movement and function of your neck, you can try different types of manipulations and stretching exercises.

A physical therapist will let you do some exercises that promote stretching and strengthening your muscles that provide support to your neck. Posture and your range of motion will also be improved by just doing the proper neck exercises.

But, in what way a physical therapists and chiropractors are similar? Well, chiropractor also uses the same techniques as physical therapists. They restore normal neck movement, thus pain is decreased and you become flexible. They manipulate your neck joints for you to have a more comfortable feeling, reduced stiffness, enhanced mobility, and more improved range of motion.

On the other hand, not all adjustments are suitable for all people, especially those who have neck vascular problems. It is extremely important to talk to your doctor first before undergoing a specific adjustment.

chiropractors singapore
Cervical Disc Disease Can Be Treated with Neck Traction       

Physical therapists and chiropractors have the same technique when it comes to relieving neck pain. This is called cervical traction which is done by extending the neck, opening spaces between cervical vertebrae. This temporarily soothes the pain on the affected area. You can opt to have this done between short periods of time or have it continuously.

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Cervical Pillows and Collars

These are also known as neck pillows which are designed to immobilize the neck while you are in a deep sleep. Though this may sound interesting to some, it is still best to ask your physical therapist for accurate recommendation.

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