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The Still Life: Long Periods Of Sitting Can Wreck Your Health

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A fact in life is that the emergence of television and computers has driven many people to accumulate more hours sitting down; little did you know that excessive sitting means you are lacking physical activities which in a long run can wreck your health.

 What Prolonged Sitting Does To Your Body?


Prolong sitting slows blood flow and muscles burn less fat allowing it to clog your heart.


Studies show that when you sit down, your metabolism slows down too, which affects the body’s ability to control blood sugar and break down body fat.


Back Pain

According to Dr. Joel Press, the medical director of the Spine & Sports Institute at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, “Sitting all day is the worst thing in the world you can do for your back”.

Sitting in a wrong position, lifting heavy objects and doing twist and turn movements can put a ton of stress and discomforts for our back.

Strained Neck

In many cases it is due to poor posture, long time working at the desk without changing positions and other factors.

How Chiropractic Care Help People Who Sit A Lot?

The human body was designed to move, not sit. Having a feeling of pain and discomfort is not normal process in the body system. Seeking help to a chiropractor to improve posture and reduce neck and back pains cause by a long hours of sitting is a big help. They can also suggest some good ideas on how to reduce the amount of time you can spend sitting throughout the day to lessen the painful conditions.

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