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Can Chiropractic Care Turn Your Body’s Innate Healing Power?

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This may come off as bogus but, our body, actually, has the ability to fight against conditions staring from simple cuts to complicated cancer. Sans any interferences, that is.

Interferences which happen when our spine shifts out of its normal position putting pressure on our spinal cord and pinches our nerve. As a result of this vertebral subluxations, some accounts proves, that we could experience:

Stomach Diseases—9 cases of mid-thoracic area misalignment

Lung Diseases—upper-thoracic spine misalignment in 26 cases had lung disease

Liver Diseases—mid-thoracic misalignment in all 13 cases

Gallstones Diseases—mid-thoracic spinal misalignment in five cases

Pancreas Diseases—mid-thoracic misalignment in three cases

Spleen Diseases—mid-thoracic spinal misalignment in 11 cases

Kidney Diseases—lower thoracic misalignment in 17 cases

Prostate and Bladder Disease—eight cases of these conditions had lumbar vertebrae misalignment

Uterine Diseases—two cases of this had second lumbar misalignment

Heart Diseases—upper five thoracic vertebrae misalignment in 20 cases suffered from this

How is this possible? Well, studies have proven that our immune system is largely connected to our nervous system which is responsible for making every tissue, cell and organ function properly by controlling and coordinating them.

Amazing right? If only we could know for sure that there are absolutely no interferences in our body. And there’s something that we can do to check if there is and eliminate it, then we’ll all be enjoying a healthier body.

That’s where chiropractic care comes into the picture. Chiropractors specializes in finding and correcting spinal misalignments in order to allow the natural healing process of our body. The main form of treatment that they use, which they’re largely known for, is spinal adjustment.

Though this is the treatment that they most known for, they also use other kind of treatment depending on what’s the suitable one for the patient’s condition.

Bottom line is that because our nervous system, which is composed of our brain, spinal cord and nerves, controls every function and innate healing in our body, when interfered can cause direct and immediate damage in our related organs an entire body. Now, releasing those interferences through chiropractic adjustments can reverse those effects and let our body’s natural process of healing take place.

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