Your Top 8 Productivity Killer That You Wouldn’t Have Suspect

Your Top 8 Productivity Killer That You Wouldn’t Have Suspect

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Wondering why you’re not getting anything done or your boss keep on sending your work back to you for revisions? Sometimes, it’s not your noisy co-workers that are distracting you from doing a good job! Here are some sneaky productivity-killers that you should watch out for.

1.  Stress

A little of this is good because it drives you to do better and accomplish your tasks. But too much stress can be overwhelming and keeps you from being able to work efficiently. It just shuts you down, almost like a computer that shuts down when overheated or lags when there is too much program running in the background.

2. Focusing Too Much On The Future

Most people are conditioned to set their sight on the future, think long term they say. But did you know that being too fixated on the future is distracting? People tend to not do some things 100 % if they think it won’t benefit their future goal when in fact every little action you do in the ‘now’ actually matters? Maybe you didn’t work as hard on a project because you’re eyeing a different one. What you failed to realize is that your boss would put your performance on that project into consideration before giving other work in the future.

3.  Time

Majority of working people always feel like there’s too much to do with too little time to do them. But that’s not really it. Everyone gets 24 hours a day, how do you think others manage to accomplish what they set out to do? They key to meet deadlines and finish important work is making dedicated time on your calendar. If you’re scheduled to just do all paper works on a particular day, that’s all you do. No running a quick errand outside. No nothing! Time blocking helps you lock your time, effort, and ideas towards a specific task or goal, so you’re more likely to accomplish them.

4.  Social Media

Social media is endless. When you think you’ll just check what’s trending for a bit, you’ll find yourself sinking deeper into them and spending hours just scrolling down. It’s okay to what to know what’s happening outside your work and everything else but if you’re at work shut them down. You can do that at home on your free time, not when you’re being paid to do a job.

5.  The Door

An open door is like an invitation to disturb you. If you have a task at hand that you really wanna concentrate on and finish, close the door. This should automatically say you’re unavoidable so that people at home (if you work from home) or your coworkers don’t just walk-in and disturb you about unimportant things that can be talked about or done when you’re not busy.

6.  Music

For some, music helps them be more in the zone. However, ever notice that you get sidetracked with the catchy chorus or line in the song and you just find yourself singing along with it when you’re supposed to be thinking about the report you’re writing or project plan that you’re revising? If you just have to have music playing while working, it would be best to listen to music without lyrics.

7.  Meetings

Impromptu meetings breaks your focus on the current task at hand and sometimes feels like pointless because you’re not getting anywhere or you didn’t have anything to do with the agenda in the first place. Next time you’re having one of those meetings where low team and individual productivity is being discussed suggest that there should be at least half an hour notice, only the people that needs to be at the meeting should be called, and be certain what you need to discuss and accomplish going in and make sure your colleagues feel comfortable asking questions and contributing ideas.

8.  Back Pain

It isn’t really surprising that people are suffering from back pain considering their office job where they have to sit all day. The problem is that when you’re in pain, it takes over your body and mind. Instead of thinking about work, all you could ever think about is the discomfort you’re in which can lead to going home early or even calling in sick. In fact, back pain is among the leading cause of missed work or presenteeism (you’re at work but can’t do the job well and finish it in time because you don’t feel well). In this case, band-aid solution like popping a pill is not enough. You need to seek treatment that will address its root cause and prevent it from coming back like chiropractic care. This treatment isn’t just about treating the symptoms but actually addressing the cause of the problem and treating it in a way that will also improve your overall health.

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