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What Are The Effective Treatments For Facet Joint Syndrome?

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Facet joint syndrome is the pain at the joint between two vertebrae in your spine. The joints in your spine that make your back flexible and allow you to bend and twist are called facet joints. And when your facet joints become swollen and painful, that’s when facet joint syndrome happens. If the facet joint becomes too swollen and enlarged, it may block the openings through which the nerve roots pass, causing a pinched nerve. This condition is called facet hypertrophy.

Healthy facet joints have cartilage, which allows your vertebrae to move smoothly against each other without grinding. Each joint is lubricated with synovial fluid for additional protection against wear and tear. Common symptoms associated with facet joint syndrome include back or neck pain and tenderness, headaches and stiffness with certain movement. And it can be caused by a combination of aging, pressure overload of your facet joints and injury.

Effective Treatments for Facet Joint Syndrome:

1.) According to chiropractic physician Dr. Michael Carnes: “Chiropractic care for facet joint syndrome may include the following treatments: hydrotherapy, activity modification, osseous manipulation or spinal adjusting, soft tissue massage, trigger point therapy, traction, electrotherapy modalities such as transcutaneous nerve stimulation or TENS, interferential current or IFC and ultrasound, passive and active range of motion exercises, brome lain or other protease enzymes to help reduce inflammation or NSAIDs for pain control. The beneficial effects of chiropractic care for facet joint syndrome typically may be seen within the first few visits to the chiropractor.”

2.) One of the nonsurgical treatments that can be tried to alleviate the pain and rehabilitate the back is Physical therapy. According to the Spine Health website: “The successful long-term management of facet joint syndrome involves proper exercises prescribed by a physical therapist who can demonstrate correct exercise technique and make minor adjustments to a person’s form. Postural training is also important for the long-term resolution of facet joint syndrome-related pain or discomfort.”

3.) According to Dr. Ross Hauser via “Prolotherapy accelerates the alleviation of pain far beyond anything that the best physical therapy could ever achieve. It does so because it is working to correct the source of the problem. Massage can make people feel better, and it does not interfere with Prolotherapy results as adjustments may do. But it works on muscles that are tightening in response to the ligament pathology underneath, so you should expect the results to be only temporary.”

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