Top 7 Things Your Chiropractor Knows About You Just By Watching You Move

Top 7 Things Your Chiropractor Knows About You Just By Watching You Move

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Did it surprise you that your chiropractor already knew what’s wrong without even discussing your symptoms? Or did he ask straight and specific questions right away the moment you sat down in front of him?

Don’t freak out, he’s not reading your mind or anything like that. Chances are your body, especially your posture already gave your condition away. Here are the things that your chiropractor probably already knows by simply watching you walk through the clinic’s door.

1.  You’re Always On Your Phone

Gone are the days when people walked around looking mighty and proud. These days, people are either walking while looking down on their phones or strutting around like starved zombies (read: Shoulder hunched, heads bent forward, and looking tired). This habit has led to a musculoskeletal condition called Forward Head Posture or more known as Text Neck. As a result, people suffer from headaches all the time, straightened or reversed neck natural curve, and shift of body’s center of gravity.

2.  You Have A Deskbound Job

Sitting is something we can’t entirely forgo in our daily lives considering that we do a lot of things while sitting down. Eating, driving, online shopping, watching TV/movie, relaxing, and even working all involve sitting. However, if we don’t find ways to break this cycle; it could be lethal for us. When you sit for long periods, your psoas muscles—the ones that connect the torso and leg—get tight and your hamstrings shorten. And that can show up as a tilted-forward-at-the-hips posture which is why your chiropractor can immediately tell that you spend most of your time sitting down.

3.  You Have Stomach Issues

That hunched-forward position can also affect your digestion. When your upper back is curved, it can compress your organs, leading to reflux or GERD. Once the muscles near the diaphragm and under the rib cage, patients felt that their reflux is much better. Your body is designed to use those big trunk muscles. When in use, they actually move blood through your organs and help them get the mobility they’re supposed to have.

4.  You Sleep On Your Stomach

When you sleep in this position, the full weight of your head pulls on the flaccid muscles and ligaments that hold the cervical spine together. That amount of weight on the delicate structures of the neck will eventually cause joint damage. This position is not recommended at all since it strains the neck and upper back. Sleeping with one knee bent up with a flat pillow under your head and neck can help if you have neck pain. Lower back or hip pain sufferers find this position comfortable sometimes, but it’s not good for you in the long run. Lessen the strain on the lower back by putting a flat pillow under your stomach.

5.  You’re Out Of Breath

Yet another side effect of that hunched posture is that it can compress your organs and cause your lungs to take in up to 30 percent less oxygen. Depending on your overall fitness level, she explains, this might make you feel tired or out of breath on a day-to-day basis.

6.  You Carry Heavy Bag All Day

Carry a too heavy bag or using one shoulder to carry it is usually the cause of back pain or, even worst, scoliosis cases in children and even adults. This is because carrying the bag on one shoulder will require for the spine to compensate so that the carrying shoulder won’t drop. While a very heavy backpack, though carried on both shoulders, is making you lean forward since the weight is pulling you back. These positions result to unnatural compression/contortion of the spine.

7.  You’re Feeling Down

People under a lot of stress or feeling down tend to avoid eye-contact and their shoulders are rounded and stoop. People say that stress is all in the mindset, but you should know that your body condition plays a big role in it too. Receiving adjustments from a chiropractor here in Singapore can make a significant difference in your stress level by relieving pain or discomfort caused by misalignment, helping you sleep better at night, and even treat other health condition like a constant headache and digestive problems which are without a doubt stressful.

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