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Tips For A Healthy Life (and Spine) From Your Chiropractor

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Avoid sleeping on your stomach – it twists your neck; avoid sleeping in a fetal position – it reverses your spinal curves.

Lose weight if you need to – Losing one pound takes 10 pounds of stress off your lower back.

Quit smoking – smoking decreases blood supply to the discs between the vertebrae, so they degenerate faster. Smokers are more likely to suffer from spinal disorders.


Keep your wallet out of your back pocket when sitting, especially when driving.

Eat organic, unrefined foods and drink at least eight glasses of pure water every day.

Talk a walk after dinner – it aids digestion, weight loss and is a nice time to spend with others.

Exercise every day – Even moderate exercise promotes health and long life. Stretching exercises such as yoga give your spine strength and flexibility.

Avoid drugs – whether pushed or prescribed, including alcohol and caffeine.

Give your baby a peaceful birth – Studies show that midwife-coached births are safer, healthier and more natural for most deliveries.


Breastfeed your baby – for at least one year for improve baby’s and mother’s physical and emotional health.

Take time to relax – Meditate, pray, and appreciate nature every day; hundreds of scientific studies show that the effects on your wellbeing can be profound.

Take your time for laughter – humor and play every day (and every night).

Finding fulfillment and creativity at work – improves your physical and emotional health.

Connect to others – Keep old friends and make new ones. The more relationships and love in your life, the healthier and longer you will live. It’s a scientific fact.

Visit your chiropractor regularly – to better connect to your source of health and healing.

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