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Pregnancy: Can Chiropractic Help?

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In case you are not yet aware, your body will go through hormonal, postural, and bio-mechanical changes when you get pregnant, wherein you are likely to experience low back pains.  When this happens, do not be hasty to take pain reliever because it may cause complication on your pregnancy. It’s better to seek a natural way to relieve yourself from the pain like the non- invasive and drug-free chiropractic care.


The changes that your body experiences is necessary to carry and nourish your baby for 9 months. During the pregnancy expect the following:

  • As the baby grows, your center of gravity will shift forward
  • Your pelvis will tilt anteriorly
  • Muscles shortens and tightens in the lower back
  • Hamstrings and gluteal muscles will stretch and weaken
  • Lower back and neck may experience more stress due to the increase of the curves in the cervical and lumbar regions
  • Possible strain in the lower back and abdomen because of the stretched round ligaments attached in the uterus
  • Pain, tightness and imbalance in the psoas, tensor fascia lata (TFL), quadratus lumborum, and piriformis muscles
  • Expect to feel unstable joints most especially in the sacroiliac joints and pubic symphysis due to hormonal changes

All of these changes are inevitable during pregnancy, but the chiropractor’s gentle, soft tissue techniques will help you deal with the tightness and even lessen the pain if not eliminate it totally.

Safe Pain Relief

You might feel a little worried about receiving this kind of treatment due to its bone-cracking reputation but actually it’s generally safe for both the mom and the baby.

Chiropractors use special tables and pillows in order to have pregnant women lying face down while receiving treatment. Manual adjustments, which is the main method that is used, is known to relieve the stress on joints during the pregnancy. The soft tissue techniques can also relax the tension in the round ligaments that could cause symphysis dysfunction and diastasis. The pelvis that usually gets out of normal position which causes pain can be aligned and relieved through wedge-shaped blocks.

Along with your regular OB/GYN appointments, receiving the same amount of chiropractic care can really help pregnant women last through the pregnancy without much pain through non-invasive and drug-free procedures.

A Pleasant Normal Delivery

Most chiropractors are also trained in Webster Breech Technique which is really great in reducing uterine torsion that way the baby can turn itself into the proper delivery position. This technique ensures lesser pain and faster delivery which is good because delivery a baby itself is already a painful experience, if there’s a way to avoid unnecessary pain then all is good right?

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