Pilates Moves To Prevent Back Pain

Pilates Moves To Prevent Back Pain

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Most people suffer back pain on a daily basis or have suffered back pain at some point in their lives. It’s not even exclusive to individuals with a sedentary lifestyle, which is a common misconception, even athletes or those who lead an active life experience it too. If you can definitely relate to this, here are some Pilates moves that can help you. Just remember to consult your primary health care provider or your chiropractor before starting any kind of exercise, especially if you have any existing health condition.

Cat cow pose pilates

The Cat/Cow Stretch To Warm Up The Spine

Just like any other exercise, you need to warm up first in order to prepare your body for the exercises and avoid injury. This move help lengthen and strengthen the muscles along the spine. To do this, you need to be on all fours. Your hands need to be shoulder width apart and your knees have to be hip-distance apart. Once you got the positioning, you now do the exercise. Inhale and look up as you slightly arch your spine. Then exhale, engage your abdominal muscles and draw your belly button towards your spine as you look at your navel. Do this for 5 to 10 times every day.

chest lifts pilates

The Chest Lift

In this exercise, you start by positioning yourself as you would when doing ab crunches. So, you lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat (hip-distance apart) on the floor. Bring your hands behind your head without interlocking them, just let your fingertips touch while elbows should be wide open. Now inhale, and then as you exhale engage your core as you lift your shoulder off the ground. You have to remember that you don’t have to do a full sit ups in this exercise. You just have to bring your shoulders towards your chest by using your abs to lift. Inhale again as you release towards the ground. Repeat 6-8 times daily.

pelvic curl pilates

Pelvic Curl

This one is a favorite among women who like to build their glutes. But aside from that, it’s also a great way to strengthen your glutes and lower back.  Begin by lying on your back, knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Your arms should be against your body and palms facing the floor for support. Now, squeeze your glutes all the way as you raise your hips off the ground so that your torso is in a straight diagonal line. Hold for 5-10 second before you slowly lower your hips back to the ground. Do this for 8-10 times.

child pose pilates

Child’s Pose

When you’re really feeling sore on your lower back and want a deep stretch, this move is perfect. This move stretches your hips and thighs and relaxes your tight muscles by focusing on breathing. To begin, be on all your fours. Your knees should be spread apart but your feet touching each other as you slowly rest your buttocks on your heels with your arms still extended and hands not leaving the floor. Now, try to reach as far as you can forward. Hold this up to a minute and repeat in between stretches as needed.

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