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Interesting Facts About Back Pain

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Back pain is so common these days, but not many people know much about it except for the fact that it hurts so much. Even back pain patients hardly know much about it, which frankly, can’t be taken against them since they’re busy trying to deal with the condition and the pain.

Well, in case this piece happens to catch you on your good day, here are some facts about back pain that you may find interesting as well as a wakeup call!

  • Back Pain Causes Americans At Least $50 Billion Each Year

That number is likely to go up the more you let back pain linger and refuse to seek medical attention. Why not get to the bottom of it as early as possible? You’re not saving money by just opting for painkillers to numb the pain.

  • Experts Estimates That 80% Of The Population Are Likely To Suffer Back Problem At Some Point

No, this isn’t an exaggeration. At the rate people are going with the efforts they put into health and fitness, combined with their desk job, this statistics isn’t impossible at all.

  • Absenteeism At Work Is Usually Due To Back Pain

Employees brave the storm, cough, cold, or fever, but when it comes to back pain they fold. This type of pain is something that will affect not just your back but as well as your energy and overall condition.

  • Majority Of The Back Pain Cases Are Categorized As Mechanical Or Organic

Which means it isn’t caused by serious conditions and could be solely due to subluxation that needs to be corrected. In this case, a chiropractor can help you.

  • It Is The Leading Cause Of Disabilities In The World

Yes, believe it or not. A lot of people nowadays have trouble doing their simple daily activities because of back pain. It can be that bad. So stop being stubborn about it and consult your primary health care provider now!

  • Aside From Your Desk Job, Back Pain Can Also Be Caused By Other Diseases, Smoking, Aging, Poor Physical Fitness, And Even Genetic Component

No matter which among these causes is the one for your case, chiropractic care can definitely help you relieve pain, treat the root cause of the problem, and improve your overall wellbeing.

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