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Chiropractic Techniques To Treat Sports Injury

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When you see someone entering a chiropractic clinic, what is your initial assumption for the person’s reason for seeing a chiropractor? You either think the individual is suffering from back pain or neck pain right? However, what may surprise you is that, that’s not always the case. Yes, chiropractors are known for treating back and neck pain, but no that’s not all there is to them. There are other conditions that they can actually treat, like sports injuries.

Though playing sports is really good for the body, it doesn’t mean that nothing can go wrong when a person is playing a sport. Actually, there are instances where athletes get into fatal accidents while playing. While some even gets an injury just by the intense training that they go through.


As mentioned above, chiropractic care is not just for back and neck pain. Here are other injuries that athletes may suffer from:


Most sports, even those that don’t involve a lot of intense physical contact like football, can cause a lot of strain in the head and neck which results to headaches.  According to a Duke University study, the spinal manipulation which chiropractors specializes on can bring immediate relief.

Shoulder Pain

Since most sports needs hands to be performed, shoulder pain or injury isn’t unlikely. With that, shoulder manipulation combined with traditional rehab techniques lessens the pain and improves the condition of the shoulders.

Ankle Injuries

Athletes like runners who are prone to ankle injuries may seek chiropractic care because it can increase motion, reduce the pain and improve the function of an injured ankle.

Injury Prevention

Aside from using chiropractic care as a treatment, it can also be used to prevent injuries. This is because chiropractic is a form of alternative medicine that treats and prevents mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine.


Chiropractic maybe known for its manual manipulation but chiropractors also uses other kind of treatment that is especially effective for athletes like:

Active Release Technique (ART)

This is a combination of massage and stretching on the affected joint.

Graston Technique

The scar tissue caused by an injury can be detected and treated using graston technique which is assisted by a stainless steel tool.

Functional Dry Needling

The tensions are released by stimulating the deep trigger points of the muscles of the affected area.

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