Meet Our Team

Dr Suyi Choo

Dr. Suyi Choo

  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Active Release Technique (ART)
  • Pediatric and Geriatric Chiropractic, and
    Sports Injuries

Dr.Choo Suyi (Singapore) Dr. Suyi Choo possesses an extensive track record treating a wide variety of ailments in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Dr Tan Xin Rui

Dr. Tan Xin Rui (Grace)

  • Pediatric and Pregnancy care
  • Certified Activator practitioner
    Sports injury

From a very young age Dr. Tan Xin Rui (also like to be known as Grace) has always been passionate about health and nature.

Dr Daniel Niemiec

Dr. Daniel Niemiec

  • Musculoskeletal conditions
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Applied Kinesiology
  • Retained Neonatal Reflexes
  • Pregnancy care
  • Sports injuries

Dr. Daniel uses an advanced chiropractic technique called Applied Kinesiology. It is a unique system of natural health care that uses muscle testing procedures to evaluate neurological function.