5 Facts About Epicondylitis That You Should Know

5 Facts About Epicondylitis That You Should Know

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This condition can be debilitating and may even prevent you from going to work or taking part in activities that you usually enjoy. Learning some key information about epicondylitis may help you with prevention and treatment of this injury.

1.  Tennis Elbow Is Also Known As Epicondylitis

This severe and burning pain over the bone on the side of the elbow is called tennis elbow but its medical term is lateral epicondylitis. It often happens to tennis players because of overuse of the elbow. But even other athletes or people with relatively inactive jobs can suffer from this.

2.  Your Elbow Joint Is A Joint Made Up Of Three Bones

Unlike what many people assume that there are only 2 bones that come together at the elbow joint, your elbow is actually made up of three. Upper arm bone (humerus) and the two bones in your forearm (radius and ulna) are the bones in your elbow joints.

3.  Tennis Elbow Is Not Only Caused By Overuse Of Joint

Yes, overuse of the joint is often the reason behind this injury. However, other factors like activities that involve weight-bearing and even typing can cause micro-tearing at the attachment of the tendon to the bone.

4.  There Is More Than One Type Of Epicondylitis

Did you know that aside from tennis elbow, Epicondylitis is also referred to as golf elbow? The may seem the same but they’re actually not. Though both of these terms describe elbow pain, however, they pertain to the different part of the elbow. Tennis elbow involves Lateral epicondylitis while golf elbow is medial epicondyle. Both of these types of Epicondylitis are associated with racket sports but they affect the different area of your elbow.

5.  Epicondylitis Is A Type Of Tendonitis

When you suffer from Epicondylitis it can either be the lateral or medial epicondylitis that’s injured. Either of these is an inflammation of the tendon which is why it’s safe to say that this injury is a type of tendonitis. Other tendon injuries are golfer’s elbow, pitcher’s shoulder, swimmer’s shoulder, and jumper’s knee.

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