3 Main Factors That Trigger Your Allergic 1

3 Main Factors That Trigger Your Allergic Reactions And Chiropractic Care

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Like any illness out there, you’ll be able to effectively treat or prevent an allergic reaction if you know what’s causing it in the first place. Allergy, which is a disorder of the immune system causing symptoms like sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, and runny nose, can be debilitating and frustrating to deal with.

However, there are always ways to manage your condition provided that you know what’s triggering the reaction. Here are the top three main causes of allergies.

Genetic Causes

Sometimes you become allergic simply because you got it from your parents. Since allergy can be hereditary, if your mom or dad had it, you have a fair chance of catching it too. But this doesn’t necessarily mean all of your future children will develop it as well. It just says that it can be passed through your genes.

Environmental Causes

This one pertains to where you reside. Most often than not, people who are in urban areas are the ones who are likely to develop allergies due to the chemicals airborne. This is especially true since pollution is worst in urban areas compared to rural ones.  However, for those who are sensitive to pollen, rural places, where there are trees and flowers everywhere, may not be a good place to settle. The thing is, nowadays, no matter where you live, you can still manage your allergies from environmental causes with the help of air purifiers. By installing them in your room or anywhere in your house, you can rest assured that you’re inhaling fresh air free of chemicals and other particles.

Dietary Causes

If there’s one source you wouldn’t wanna get your allergy from, that’s food. There are people who are allergic to sea foods, peanuts and tree nuts, dairy products like milk, butter, and cheese, egg, sesame, as well as wheat.   This is particularly difficult because you definitely have to change your diet and resist certain foods in order to avoid allergic reactions.

Can Chiropractic Care Help With Allergies?

The close relationship between the nervous system and immune system is good news for chiropractic patients. By improving the communication between the brain and spinal cord, chiropractic care can help regulate and coordinate the body’s reaction to allergens.

This is possible because a chiropractor can strengthen your immune system by manipulating the joints and tissue which can restore the body’s alignment and re-open essential pathways between the brain and spine. This is because misalignment in the spine, especially in the upper cervical point, may compromise immunity and amplify allergic symptoms.

Manual adjustments can also regulate stress hormones, which when out-of-control can make it harder for your body to moderate allergic reactions. Moreover, chiropractic care can also support the respiratory system. Like the immune system, the respiratory system depends on an unimpeded flow of information to and from the brain. Chiropractic care keeps the pathways open, fortifying the respiratory system to better withstand allergic attacks. Your chiropractor can even give recommendations when it comes to your diet and lifestyle which can help improve your overall health and ease your symptoms.

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